Campaign Cash

Rep. Attica Scott Is Spending Big Via State House Account in Off-Cycle

State Rep. Attica Scott, D-Louisville, has been hitting the fundraising hard, and spending big in the first quarter of an off-cycle year, according to an expenditure report filed with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance. Scott, who is considering a Democratic primary challenge to Congressman John Yarmuth of Louisville, has been spending big the first...

Can Charles Booker Change the Conversation for KY Democrats?

Charles Booker was a man in a moment during 2020, but some Democrats are hoping he can recapture that moment in an effort to change the electoral landscape in a state that has moved towards the policies of the GOP.  By running an all-out progressive candidate, Booker’s team will be doing two things – leaning...

Kentucky Fried Politics Top 20 Power Brokers

We all know the elected politicians at the heart of our state government, but those influencing legislation, putting lawmakers in the seats, and pulling the strings are true brokers of clout. They can open doors or close them, they pass legislation or ensure a bill dies a slow death in the committee-on-committees, in short – they are the people who pull the strings and if the time arises, collect scalps.