Cameron to Supporters: ‘The Media is Actively Coordinating Messaging Efforts With Democrats’

Attorney General and Republican primary candidate for governor Daniel Cameron is sounding the alarm to supporters in an effort to get them to empty their wallets.

Cameron’s latest fundraising email sent on Thursday, tells supporters “Democrats are outraising Republicans handily, and we’re at risk of being drowned out by negative Dem attack ads.”

Cameron could be referencing Gov. Andy Beshear’s latest campaign haul putting him at nearly $4 million raised for the Democratic governor’s re-election. Of course, Cameron will have to become the GOP nominee in a field that now includes a billionaire. Former President Donald Trump has endorsed Cameron, but the first term statewide elected official has struggled so far to put together serious fundraising.

In an unattributed note on the fundraising email, Cameron’s campaign adds “The media is actively coordinating messaging efforts with Democrats and their Propaganda Machine to destroy the GOP’s chances this November.”

In seeking to erode public trust in the media, Cameron is following in the footsteps of former President Trump and former Gov. Matt Bevin.

The campaign takes the farce a step further by evoking President Joe Biden and nationalizing the Kentucky election.

“Biden is counting on KY Dems to win so he can enforce his far-left agenda in the Commonwealth,” the email says.

Cameron says the only way to “keep up with the California and New York limousine liberals funding these attacks” is to donate to his campaign.

Cameron faces Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles, former UN Ambassador Kelly Craft, Auditor Mike Harmon, Rep. Savannah Maddox, and former Northern Kentucky lawyer Eric Deters in the Republican primary for governor next May.