KFP 4 Pack: Did Comer Commit a felony? Plus, Millions already spent in KY Governors Race

Did James Comer admit to committing a felony during Kentucky’s 2015 GOP primary race for governor?

In a recent profile in the New York Times, Kentucky Congressman James Comer essentially admitted to possessing a server stolen from an attorney married to a GOP rival during the 2015 race for governor.

Eight years ago, a Kentucky newspaper wrote a story based on emails from the server, which showed the husband of one KC Crosby, who is now the Treasurer of the Republican National Committee, was in contact with a blogger who made allegations Comer abused a high school girlfriend.

Last week, a nonprofit organization aligned with Democrats called on a Kentucky prosecutor to investigate Comer over his involvement in the leaked emails. In the New York Times article, Comer played coy about the emails and the server, saying “I’ve had two servers in my lifetime. Hunter Biden’s is one, and you can — I’m not going to say who the other one was, but you can use your imagination.”

Millions are being spent by GOP candidates for governor this year

Medium Buying reports that Kelly Craft’s campaign for the GOP gubernatorial nomination has already spent $2.4 million on ads and future ad reservations. A political action committee supporting her has also spent nearly a million dollars on the race.

However, so far, they’re the only ones to drop significant amounts into the airwaves.

Northern Kentucky is set to host a GOP gubernatorial debate in late April

All 12 candidates in the GOP primary for governor have been invited to two nights of debates on April 25th and 26th. The event will be held at the Lincoln Grant Scholar House and is a
collaboration of the Kenton County Republican Party, WCPO 9, and LINK nky.

“The Kenton County Republican Party is excited to help showcase our candidates for
governor in advance of the May 16 primary election,” said Shane Noem, chairman of the
Kenton County Republican Party. “As a party organization, we do not endorse in
primaries, but we do have the honor and obligation of equitably providing platforms for
candidates to make their case to Republican voters.”

The first night will include the top half of candidates as determined by the most recent,
comprehensive polling results in a 90-minute debate. The second night will also be 90
minutes and will include a debate with the rest of the candidates.

The debate will be live-streamed across multiple platforms including WCPO 9’s apps and
LINK nky’s website and Facebook page exactly three weeks before the election is held.

KY SOS Michael Adams Named Chair of GOP Secretary of State Committee

Secretary of State Michael Adams has been named Chair of the Republican Secretaries of State Committee, the highest-ranking member of its leadership.

“I’m honored to chair the Republican caucus of Secretaries of State,” Adams said. “Kentucky has made great strides in expanding voter access and improving ballot integrity, and I’m glad my GOP colleagues across America recognize and embrace it.”

Adams previously served as Finance Chair and Vice Chair for the Republican Secretaries of State, a caucus housed within the umbrella organization Republican State Leadership Committee.