Bill Dieruf Responds to Greenberg Campaign Ad on Abortion

After dodging questions on abortion access and being targeted with a campaign ad Republican candidate for Louisville mayor Bill Dieruf is now clarifying his position on the issue.

At the end of September Democratic candidate for Louisville mayor Craig Greenberg went on the air in Jefferson County with an ad attacking Dieruf for avoiding questions on the issue of abortion. On Tuesday, Dieruf responded to the attack ad with a personal story.

“I want to hold Mr. Greenberg accountable for the untruths he has put out about me. His ad states what my stance is on the Roe v. Wade Constitutional issue — and it’s lies,” Deiruf said in a six-paragraph statement. “Mr. Greenberg’s ad makes it sound like I’m going to have police hunting down pregnant women and doctors. Nothing could be further from the truth. In my view, if doctors are not following the law, it’s up to the medical licensure board to hold them accountable.”

Dieruf continued in the statement, saying the sanctity of life is a “personal issue” for him.

“…Jody and I had a daughter named Stephanie who was born three months early. She lived for 18 months. We know how precious life is based on losing our young child,” he continued. “No parent should have to bury a child. We cherish the short time we had with Stephanie and would give anything if we could have had her with us longer. So, yes, I believe life is precious. However, I believe any legislation regulating or restricting abortion should include exceptions for rape, incest, life of the mother and health of the baby.”

The battle for who will control Louisville city government is being waged across a variety of issues – including abortion which has turned into a state and local issue after the recent Supreme Court ruling striking down Roe and allowing states to pass their own laws.

The election takes place on November 8, 2022.