Beshear Ad: Attacks on Child Gender Reassignment Surgery “Not True”

Gov. Andy Beshear’s campaign has launched a counter as he takes hits from the Republican Party of Kentucky and Republican gubernatorial hopeful Daniel Cameron saying he supports gender reassignment surgery for kids.

“These attacks on me by Daniel Cameron are not true,” Beshear said directly to the camera in his latest 30-second ad. “I have never supported gender reassignment for kids, and those procedures don’t happen here in Kentucky.”

Republicans say Beshear is in support of the practice because he vetoed legislation banning the procedures earlier this year.

“Andy Beshear supports sex-change surgeries for kids because he vetoed the bill banning them in March,” said Sean Southard, RPK spokesman and Cameron for Governor campaign surrogate. “Now, in the heat of a campaign, Andy Beshear is misleading voters about his true beliefs. It’s a shame, and Kentuckians are smart enough to see through Andy Beshear’s lies.”

The claims and Beshear’s ad comes as the race for governor shows Beshear with a slight lead heading into prime campaign season.

Beshear and Cameron will face each other for the first time on the campaign trail at Fancy Farm on August 5.