Unvaccinated KY Congressman Tests Positive for COVID With ‘Mild Symptoms’

Outspoken Republican Congressman Thomas Massie has tested positive for COVID he told followers on social media Thursday morning.

The Northern Kentucky U.S. Representative is not vaccinated, and has taken a hard line against COVID vaccinations, mask mandates, and proof of vaccines to access restaurants.

Massie took to Twitter to tell followers he tested positive for SARS-CoV2.

“I had cold/allergy symptoms for 1 day, and seem to be over it. I can’t guarantee, but I suspect my symptoms have been very mild due to prior infection 2 years ago. Also, perhaps this was omicron,” he wrote online.

Massie says the only mediation he took was an allergy medication to treat his symptoms.

“Seek doctors advice if you find yourself sick, because every case is unique and some cases are very serious,” he wrote online.

“I will not be voting, meeting in person, or making public appearances until next week. I am not vaccinated or boosted. If trolls or media have other questions about my health status, the answer is most likely, “NUNYA.”