Treasurer Allison Ball Announces Campaign for KY Auditor

Two-term state Treasurer Allison Ball, R-Kentucky, will seek another statewide seat next year.

Ball, who is term-limited in her current office, announced she would seek the role of Kentucky Auditor on Newsmakers with Bill Bryant.

“I am looking forward to bringing my watchdog mentality to the Auditor’s office,” Ball said of the announcement.

Ball plans to continue to speak to both sides of the political spectrum and tout her success at being “fiscally responsible.”

“People like people who are good with money in these roles, and I am good with money, that’s my skill set. That’s what I am good at,” she said. “I think that can pull from both sides of the aisle.”

“I am someone who believes in limited government. I am someone who believes in fiscal responsibility and that resonates, particularly with one party. I think people when they want somebody in the Auditor’s Office or somebody in the Treasurer’s Office, are like I want somebody who is fiscally responsible.”

The role of Auditor will be open next year, as current Auditor Mike Harmon is also term-limited. Harmon is running for governor in the GOP primary.