Thomas Massie Supports Putin, says Democratic Congressional Opponent

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie, R-Vanceburg, is taking fire for his votes in Congress opposing a resolution supporting Ukraine, and voting against banning imports of Russian oil, gas, and coal.

Democratic Congressional candidate Matthew Lehman says Massie must answer to Kentuckians for his votes in Congress.

“Thomas Massie is giving aid and comfort to Vladimir Putin and his barbaric invasion of Ukraine, the worst humanitarian crisis Europe has faced since World War II,” Matt Lehman, candidate for Kentucky’s Fourth Congressional District, said. “Why? Why is he one of three to vote against a resolution that opposed the invasion? Why was he one of three who wanted to continue trading with a war criminal?”

On Thursday, Massie was one of eight to vote against the “Suspending Normal Trade Relations With Russia and Belarus Act,” which passed the U.S. House of Representatives with a 424-8 margin. The act allows a suspension of trade relations with Russia and Belarus and would allow U.S. officials to seek the removal of Russia from the World Trade Organization.

Massie sought to explain his vote on social media, saying the bill allowed Biden to “(…)sanction virtually anyone, anywhere in the world, whether they are connected to Russia or not.”

Earlier this month, Massie joined two other House colleagues in voting against a resolution affirming the United States “stands steadfastly, staunchly, proudly, and fervently behind the Ukrainian people.”

Rolling Stone magazine called Massie, “a long friend to Russia,” and progressive outlet Think Progress charted how the Kentuckian became the “most Kremlin-friendly member of the U.S. House for his votes in Congress.

Massie faces two challengers in the GOP primary on May 17.