The Fastest Growing Political Affiliation in KY is “Other”

As the GOP takes a victory lap for edging Democrats in voter registration, the group that is growing the fastest in Kentucky are independent voters.

In July, “Other” registration grew at more than double the rate of Republican or Democrat registration, according to Secretary of State Michael Adams.

“Political allegiances are in flux,” Sec. Adams said in a news release. “Republicans recently took the lead in voter registration from Democrats, but there’s more to the story, as many voters now do not affiliate with either party. Any candidate for statewide office needs to not just hold the base, but also reach out to others.”

Republicans have solid super majorities in the state House and Senate, all but one statewide office, five of six congressional seats, and both U.S. Senate seats. However, Kentuckians did elect Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear in 2019 showing the ability, at least in certain cases to swing elections.