Suramek Releases Campaign Video Ahead of 89th Dist. Special Election

With a large fundraising lead, but a GOP voting pattern to overcome the Democratic candidate for the 89th Dist. Special Election has released a campaign video.

Mae Suramek, a Berea business owner, took to her social media platforms to release the nearly two-minute-long video introducing her, and her ideas to voters in Jackson, part of Laurel, and part of Madison County.

“I know what it’s like to not be heard, and for someone else to take credit for my work,” Suramek says in the video. “I hear these same sentiments from my friends in Jackson and Laurel Counties. I hear these same sentiments from my own staff.

“After 30 years of hearing the same narrative over and over again; that there’s more that divides us than unites us,” she continues. “We have to ask ourselves who is writing that narrative?”

Suramek says she’s running to change the narrative and for the people to “come together to fight for one Kentucky.”

Watch the video here.

The Democratic candidate has raised $36,411 for the special election, according to a report filed with the Registry of Election Finance (KREF). Republican nominee Timmy Truett has raised $10,735, according to his KREF report.

The Special Election will be held on Nov. 2, 2021.