Suramek Raises $30k in a Week for 89th Dist. Special Election

Democratic 89th District Special Election candidate Mae Suramek now has the means to get out the vote on November 2nd in an effort to fill the vacancy left by former Republican Rep. Robert Goforth.

Suramek, the Democratic nominee for the seat, announced on social media that her campaign has raised $30,000 over the last 7 days, and has signed up 130 volunteers.

The Berea business owner is at a voting pattern disadvantage in the 89th House District which includes part of Madison, part of Laurel, and all of Jackson County. However, special elections are all about getting out the vote, and with a large volunteer network and now the cash Suramek can make an honest race against GOP nominee Timmy Truett, an elementary school principal from McKee.

Voters in the 89th House District will go to the polls on Nov. 2 to elect the next