SOS Candidates Trade Jabs Over Potential Debate

In the statewide race for Secretary of State, the incumbent recently went to war with his challenger in what could be described as a Fancy Farm level cutdown.

Former state Rep. Buddy Wheatley, a Democrat from Kenton County, issued a challenge last week to Secretary of State Mike Adams, R-Kentucky, calling on the incumbent to face him in a debate.

Adams layered on the snark in his response to the invitation to debate before the League of Women Voters in Louisville.

“I’ll debate you if you’ll commit to having a designated driver take you to and from the venue,” Adams tweeted.

The retort not so casually references Wheatley’s 2008 suspension as Covington Fire Chief after violating city policy and operating a city vehicle after consuming alcohol.

Wheatley did not let the jab move him off topic, again pushing for the debate.

“We can talk about whatever you want, Michael – just commit to the debate,” Whealtey responded online. “The people of Kentucky deserve to hear from both candidates, and that’s why I agreed to the debate. I hope you do, too.”

The two candidates will face off at Fancy Farm on August 5, and voters will have their say in the statewide election in November.