Six Years After Flipping House GOP Edges Dems in Voter Registration

After years of electoral success and supermajorities in both chambers of the General Assembly, Republicans have managed to overtake Democrats in their final hurdle – voter registration.

the Kentucky State Board of Elections announced the number of registered Republican voters stands at 1,612,060, compared to 1,609,569 registered Democrats, giving Republicans a voter registration advantage of 2,491 voters. For context, when voters first sent Senator Mitch McConnell to the United States Senate in 1984, the state had 1.3 million registered Democrat voters, compared to just 525,060 Republicans.

“Today is a day I never thought would happen. After decades of hard work and grassroots efforts across the Commonwealth, registered Republicans now outnumber registered Democrats in Kentucky,” said Sen. McConnell. “Congratulations to all my fellow Republicans who have worked so hard and so long to make this historic day possible. This is great news for the Commonwealth but it’s just the beginning.”

To celebrate this historic milestone, the Republican Party of Kentucky will be hosting a Majority Makers Statewide Picnic on Saturday, September 24 in Bowling Green, Kentucky, with Republican speakers and activists from across the state

“We are living a historic moment in the commonwealth,” said U.S. Senator Rand Paul. “The majority of people in Kentucky realize that their beliefs are best represented by the Republican Party. Key among these beliefs are that Government should be limited and operate from the understanding that your rights come from the Creator. Kentuckians have shown that those are the values that best represent them and not the policies of the radical left like defunding the police. I will fight to earn every vote in Kentucky in my bid for re-election, but today I am proud to be a part of an ever-growing coalition of citizens who value freedom.”

Secretary of State Mike Adams, R-Kentucky, remarked that Republicans are a plurality, not a majority, and need to appeal beyond the base of Republican voters to win and govern effectively.