Shake Up in Frankfort Lobby Corps

There is a reshuffling of the deck when it comes to the lobbyists with the highest disclosed compensation.

A new report Monday from the Louisville Courier-Journal shows lobbyist John McCarthy taking the top spot in compensation.

The newspaper reports, that Bob Babbage, once the highest-paid lobbyist, has slipped to the second spot. Babbage, a Democrat, formerly served as Kentucky Auditor and Secretary of State.

Sherman Brown, a member of McCarthy’s lobbying company, McCarthy Strategic Solutions, moved into the top five in compensation. Brown is close to the Beshear’s. He served as the 2011 Deputy Campaign Manager for Gov. Steve Beshear, and he served on Gov. Andy Beshear’s 2019 inauguration team.

Former Democratic Secretary of State John Y. Brown III, also jumped into the top five lobbyists. Brown runs his own lobbying firm, JYB3 Group.

Top five executive branch lobbyists by compensation, according to the Courier-Journal’s review of Executive Branch Lobbying.

  1. John McCarthy (McCarthy Strategic Solutions) – $337,529
  2. Bob Babbage (Babbage Cofounder) – $300,250
  3. Michael Patrick Jennings (Commonwealth Alliances) – $288,789
  4. John Y. Brown III (JYB3 Group) – $267,400
  5. Sherman Brown (McCarthy Strategic Solutions) – $261,092