Secretary of State Adams Targets State Senator for Misinformation

Secretary of State Michael Adams is fed up with claims of voter fraud and he’s not mincing words about a member of his own party who continues to make claims.

The Republican statewide official has taken on state Sen. Adrienne Southworth, R-Lawrenceburg, as she has toured the state claiming widespread voter fraud.

“It’s one thing if it’s just some random person, but to have someone in the legislature spreading misinformation is troubling,” Adams said in an interview with Kentucky Fried Politics of Southworth. “I’m comforted by the fact she’s not taken seriously as a legislator by other legislators. She doesn’t pass legislation. When she offers a motion on the floor she can’t get a second. She has no reputation or credibility in the legislature, so that helps.”

Adams incorporates notes on election fraud into his speeches when talking to crowds around Kentucky. Last week in Paducah, Adams told a crowd he has concerns that conspiracy theorists will make it harder to recruit poll workers. To combat a potential decrease in volunteers he is renewing his partnership with the Kentucky Guild of Brewers to promote poll worker recruitment, joined now by Kentucky wineries.

Hang tags will be placed on participating wineries and breweries bottles to request volunteers to work the polls in November, and have QR codes directing to where imbibers can apply to be poll workers (after they sober up). The program helped recruit thousands of poll workers in 2020.

The Secretary of State will be seeking a second term in 2023, and he said he does expect there to be wide interest in the seat from other Republicans, and a general election contest.

“I do have an opponent, he’s not credible, but I do believe others will be looking at it,” he said.