Rep. Susan Westrom Endorses Chad Aull in the 79th Dist. Democratic Primary

Rep. Susan Westrom is telling voters her choice to replace her in the Kentucky House of Representatives after withdrawing from re-election.

Westrom is endorsing Democratic operative Chad Aull in the Democratic primary for the 79th District House seat in Lexington, Kentucky.

“I am proud to announce my enthusiastic endorsement of my friend, and neighbor, Chad Aull, to be the next state representative to serve the 79th District,” Westrom said in a statement shared online.

Aull thanked Westrom for her endorsement and her decades of service to the Commonwealth, calling her the “epitome of public service.”

“I think her endorsement in this race carries a lot of weight given her history in this district, and I’m honored to have her support in the campaign,” Aull told Kentucky Fried Politics on Wednesday.

Aull said he and Westrom spoke before the primary and she encouraged him to enter the race. At the time they spoke, Aull said Westrom was considering not running for re-election but had not made a decision. Justin Bramhall an LGBTQ candidate, who previously filed in 2020 filed early for the primary in 2022. Bramhall withdrew from the primary in 2020, saying he anticipated Westrom would withdraw.

NSYNC’s Lance Bass endorsed Bramhall in a video released last week.

Aull said when the opportunity to run for the seat came up he hesitated, but decided to run because he believes in public service and the need for “good people” to run.

“The thing that matters the most is we still need good people in public service, if all of the people who are involved in bettering the commonwealth and fighting for our constituents don’t put themselves out there to serve and put their name on the ballot, then we’re going to be left with those that don’t,” he said.

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