Rep. Richard Heath Supporter Seeks to Remove GOP Competitor From Race

State Rep. Richard Heath’s campaign is trying to avoid his Republican primary opponent by asking the Court to remove her from the race.

A supporter of Heath’s filed a motion seeking to remove Kim Holloway, R-Mayfield, on the grounds that one of the people who signed her candidate filing paperwork with the Secretary of State’s Office is not a registered Republican.

In effect, Heath’s campaign is pointing to a law KRS 118.125(2) that calls for at least two people who sign a candidate’s paperwork to be a citizen of the district or jurisdiction where the election is taking place and a registered voter of the same party.

The Republican Party of Kentucky is also aware of the filing issue and has reached out to Holloway asking her to withdraw from the race, according to Holloway. The party was concerned Holloway could be disqualified and removed if she wins the GOP primary, and said the Graves County Republican Party Chairman (Richard Heath) would select the nominee to replace her in the General Election under those grounds.

The 2nd District House seat is unopposed by Democrats, and so far no Independent has filed for the race. Leaving the path for Heath wide open if Holloway is booted from the ballot or withdraws from the Election.

Holloway has refused to withdraw from the May 17 primary election against Heath and is appearing in court on Wednesday for a hearing in the case.

“I believe this is a gross attempt to disenfranchise voters, undercut their will, and secure a higher taxpayer-funded pension,” Holloway told Kentucky Fried Politics. “[Heath] has never been primaried in 10 years of office and this was to be the first time voters had a choice.”

Holloway said she has ceased fundraising to challenge Heath and is continuing the race and the lawsuit using her own funds. She said she asked her stepdaughter and oldest son to sign her candidate paperwork “because they represented the support of my family.” She said her stepdaughter was unaware she was not a Republican.

Holloway has made Heath’s statewide political ambitions the main point of her campaign against him. Heath has already filed to raise money to run statewide in 2023 for the position of Agriculture Commissioner, he faces former House member Jonathan Shell in the GOP primary for that race.