Rep. Maddox Condemns Canadian PM’s Actions, ‘Can’t Fathom’ Why Others Would Be Unwilling to do the Same

A Kentucky Republican Representative is carving out space before the gubernatorial primary while also calling into question other candidates’ conservative bonafides surrounding the happenings with our northern neighbors.

Rep. Savannah Maddox, R-Dry Ridge, is opposing the actions of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who used the Emergencies Act last week to disperse semi-truck blockades constructed by protestors against pandemic restrictions.

“I condemn Trudeau’s tyrannical actions in the strongest terms possible, and I cannot fathom why any public figure who claims to stand for freedom and individual liberty would be unwilling to do so,” Maddox wrote on Twitter.

The shot likely comes at the expense of former Canadian Ambassador Kelly Craft, who is inching closer to a gubernatorial race next year. As ambassador, Craft had a close relationship with Trudeau and in her latest Twitter posting she is not distancing herself from the past.

Craft retweeted a post from the Canadian American Business Council which is advocating an end to the blockades, saying the “timing would never be great…” for that kind of protest. The retweet might signify a look towards the economic realities of the situation and less of the political realities for her in a conservative primary.

The posts online are the latest heat flare in a gubernatorial election that is already catching the attention of many across the state. Gov. Andy Beshear, D-Kentucky, will be seeking a second term in office with high favorablity, according to public polling, and many Republicans are positioning themselves to seek the Republican nomination to take him on in 2023.

Many of the candidates who are currently running “shadow campaigns” are expected to declare for the race this summer.