Rep. Bam Carney Back in the Hospital

Days after returning home to Taylor County from more than a year in the hospital and Rep. Bam Carney, R-Campbellsville, is back under the care of medical professionals, according to his family.

Carney returned to the hospital earlier this week according to his son, Ethan, in a Facebook post.

“Last 24 hours has been busy, as we went to the ER last night with some low oxygen stats and trouble breathing. Doctors here at Taylor were able to get a chest X-ray and located some pneumonia in both lungs. They did start some antibiotics and we later transferred to Baptist Health in Lexington, where he will be for the next little while to get the pneumonia and a few other things under control,” Ethan Carney wrote in a post that has been shared by other lawmakers.

The Campbellsville Republican went to a hospital in December of 2019 where he was diagnosed with pancreatitis, undergoing multiple surgeries in the months that would follow, according to reports from his family.

On Saturday, June 12, 2021, Carney returned home before this latest health hurdle.