Capitol Gains

Republicans Throw Down the Gauntlet with Investigative Committee

Republican leadership in the General Assembly has stocked a committee full of former law enforcement and legal professionals and given them an investigative aim and subpoena powers.  The Legislative Oversight and Investigations Committee kicked off their business last week, but the real fireworks should arrive post-Independence Day as Republicans are expected to begin to dig...

Overheard in the Annex: Top Stories in KY Politics This Week

News outlets around the state carried the news this week that 37 state workers collected more than $116,000 in state and federal jobless benefits, according to a report from state Auditor Mike Harmon.  The Lexington-Herald Leader’s John Cheves reports that 10 of those workers accessing unemployment benefits were employed by the Office of Unemployment Insurance...

Kentucky Fried Politics Top 20 Power Brokers

We all know the elected politicians at the heart of our state government, but those influencing legislation, putting lawmakers in the seats, and pulling the strings are true brokers of clout. They can open doors or close them, they pass legislation or ensure a bill dies a slow death in the committee-on-committees, in short – they are the people who pull the strings and if the time arises, collect scalps.