Rematch Brewing for Bowling Green House Seat

Rep. Patti Minter, D-Bowling Green, will likely, once again, have to face off against independent turned Republican Leanette Lopez to win another term in the 20th House District.

Minter has represented the district since 2019 and defeated Lopez in the 2020 election to win another term to the state House. In 2020, Minter bested Lopez with nearly double her vote totals, according to certified results with the State Board of Elections.

This time around, Lopez has changed her registration and will now be challenging Minter as a Republican. In 2020, Lopez ran as an independent. Lopez told the Bowling Green Daily News during the 2020 election that she was running as an independent so that she would not be “encumbered by party affiliation.”

The 20th District House seat has long been held by the Kentucky Democratic Party with former Democratic House Speaker Jody Richards retiring from the post in 2018.

With redistricting still looming the district could shift in appearance as urban areas have grown according to the 2020 census.