Redistricting Maps Upheld in Franklin Circuit Court

A constitutional challenge to new legislative maps enacted by Republicans in the state legislature has been upheld by the Franklin Circuit Court.

Franklin Circuit Court Judge Thomas Wingate ruled in favor of Republicans on Thursday that maps passed by GOP supermajorities are constitutional.

Wingate wrote that the new legislative maps, done in conjunction with census data providing proportional representation, amounted to political gerrymandering. In his opinion, Wingate added the Kentucky constitution does not forbid the practice.

“As our redistricting process was built on the most recent U.S. Census data, I was confident Judge Wingate would find both House and Congressional maps to be legally sound,” Senate President Robert Stivers said. “This was the first time in a century that Republicans were in charge of redistricting, and our caucus chose to include the minority party in the process.  It’s important to note the Senate maps were never challenged.  Our maps were drafted and submitted in a timely and fair manner, unlike previous redistricting actions led by the Democrats.”

Republicans added to their supermajorities during Tuesday’s elections, tightening their control of the General Assembly in the new legislative districts.