Rand Paul Turns to UK Swimmer for Ad on Fairness in Women’s Sports

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, is wading into social issues in his latest advertisement supporting his bid for re-election in Kentucky.

Paul’s ad, titled “Fairness,” features University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines who spoke out after tying with Lia Thomas, a biological male, in the 200 freestyle finals at the NCAA swimming and diving championships.

“Rand Paul is not afraid to fight for fairness for women and girls, and that’s why I’m supporting him,” Gaines says in the ad.


“Senator Paul’s latest television ad shows the stark contrast between the mainstream values of the Republican Party and the woke ideology of the Democrat Party,” said RPK spokesman Sean Southard. “Kentuckians remember how unfairly Riley Gaines was treated last year, having to compete against a biological man in a women’s swimming competition. Kentuckians stand with Senator Paul, Riley Gaines, and our commonsense values, while Charles Booker will always kneel to the whims of the radical left.”

According to an NPR/Ipsos poll, Americans are widely opposed to allowing transgender female athletes to compete on women’s and girls’ sports teams and deeply split along partisan lines into questions of transgender rights.

The poll shows that 63 percent of Americans are opposed to allowing transgender women and girls to compete on teams that align with their gender identity.