Rand Paul Endorsed by KY Fraternal Order of Police

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, is touting the endorsement of the Kentucky Fraternal Order of Police on Monday.

Kentucky FOP Vice President Ryan Straw lauded Paul in a press conference held in support of the Republican U.S. Senator.

“Senator Paul has supported our concerns and has been one of the most vocal in his opposition to defunding the police,” Straw said. “Senator Paul’s opponent [Charles Booker] is just the opposite. He not only wants to defund the police, but he also doesn’t believe in the good work being done by law enforcement in this community and this commonwealth.

“At a time when law enforcement needs the support of our leaders and the community, Senator Paul stepped up to be one of the loudest voices for our cause,” Straw continued. “It’s an honor to announce that on behalf of our 10,500 members of the Kentucky Fraternal Order of Police that we’re endorsing Senator Paul and his re-election to the United States Senate.”

Paul said he was excited to accept the endorsement, calling it a “big day for us,” and a “coveted endorsement.”

“We’re proud of our police officers throughout the state and have spent the last couple of years trying to reinforce that to the public,” Paul said.