Quarles Releases Introductory Ad in GOP Primary for Governor

Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles released his first ad of the Republican primary for governor on Wednesday, less than three weeks before the election.

In his first ad, Quarles introduces himself to voters as the common man, raised in Kentucky, who is strong in faith, backs the blue, is pro-life, and has an A rating from the NRA.

“If you’re ready for governor that thinks like you because they were raised by you, I would be honored to have your vote,” he says in the ad.

His campaign says the ad is only one part of a media campaign with more television ads planned, as well as digital, radio, and direct mail.

“A year ago we promised to run a positive race based on who has the best issues and the person best able to beat Andy Beshear in November,” said Jake Cox, campaign manager. “Today, thanks to our grassroots supporters who make up over 90% of our total funds raised, we are going up on TV with our first ad. With just 19 days left until Election Day Ryan Quarles is well-positioned to win the Republican nomination.”

The latest public polling places Quarles in third place heading into the final month, but his supporters like where he is at as the top two candidates have engaged in negative campaign tactics, and Quarles has nearly $1 million in the bank.

Quarles is one of 12 candidates in the GOP primary which will be held May 16.