Quarles Campaign: We Don’t Need a Nominee to be the Most Famous or Headline Grabbing

Agriculture Commissioner and Republican primary candidate for governor Ryan Quarles is promoting his candidacy as one of steady experience.

“As we get closer to next May’s Gubernatorial primary, you’ll hear a lot of noise about the crowded primary,” Quarles campaign team wrote in an email to supporters. “However, no matter what static comes from the news, outside organizations, or individuals out of state trying to influence who Kentucky Republicans choose to be their nominee next year, one thing will remain certain: Ryan Quarles will be there, day after day, taking his message of a united Kentucky from county to county.”

“We don’t need our nominee to be the most famous candidate. Or one that is willing to spout the most outrageous headline-grabbing statement,” Quarles continued, likely pointing to the likes of Daniel Cameron, Kelly Craft, and Savannah Maddox.

Quarles said Kentucky needs a steady, experienced leader as our next Governor, and said he’s the person for the job. The campaigns are reacting on Wednesday as the field grew by one with the entrance of the wealthy former Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft joining the race.

“When he’s seen a wrong, he’s fought it. When Andy Beshear allowed businesses owned by his donors to remain open but forced others to remain closed, Ryan became the first elected official to challenge the Governor, not to make headlines, but because it was the right thing to do. Because of Ryan, small businesses were able to open again. Ryan won in court and he will win at the ballot box next year,” Quarles campaign said.