Public Policy Polling in Kentucky with a Text Poll

Some Kentuckians are receiving text messages in an effort to rank Kentucky’s GOP primary field ahead of the May 16 primary election.

The text survey begins by asking respondents if they will be voting in the primary, and if so which primary they will be voting in, Republican or Democratic.

Public Policy Polling (PPP) is conducting the survey, in addition to ranking the candidates PPP is asking about the issues for voters. If respondents selected the Republican primary one of the questions they are asked is “how important Donald Trump’s endorsement is in the race,” and if respondents think Joe Biden was “legitimately elected President in 2020, or not?”

Another question regarding the former president asks, “do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Donald Trump?

Kentucky Fried Politics learned of the poll from a Louisville Republican who shared several of the questions.

The “Kentucky Current Events Survey,” asks about the GOP candidates listing 6 of the 12 in their question on who Kentucky Republicans will vote for.

“There are 12 Republican candidates for Governor, including Daniel Cameron, Kelly Craft, Eric Deters, Mike Harmon, Alan Keck, and Ryan Quarles. If the primary election was today, who would you vote for?” The text poll then lists those candidates in addition to two other options, “someone else,” or “not sure.”

The results of the poll have not yet been released, the poll was conducted this week.