On the Move: McConnell Taps Tiffany Ge as New Legislative Director

WASHINGTON D.C. – U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, has promoted a Louisvillian as his new legislative director in his personal office in Washington D.C.

McConnell tapped Tiffany Ge for the role, who had been serving McConnell as his legal counsel since 2017.

As Legislative Director, Tiffany will oversee all Kentucky-focused legislative matters for the Senator and manage the policy staff, according to a press release sent on Tuesday. She will continue to serve as Legal Counsel and handle the Judiciary and Law Enforcement policy portfolios. She will be a key link with the Senator’s leadership office and communicate daily with Kentuckians. 

“Tiffany is a key member of my staff and continues to be highly-effective in helping me deliver for Kentucky families and communities. I’m glad she has agreed to take on a new challenge and lead my entire Kentucky-focused legislative team,” said Senator McConnell. “Tiffany has built the relationships that matter and the expertise that can achieve results. I look forward to seeing her continued contributions to Kentucky and the country in this new role.”

Tiffany earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Kentucky and graduated from The George Washington University Law School. She’s held in high regard by many in Kentucky.