New PAC Launched to Defeat Rand Paul

Former Metro Council President David Tandy and a team of political strategists have launched a new Political Action Committee aimed at defeating U.S. Sen. Rand Paul in 2022.

OnWard Kentucky, the new Political Action Committee launched on Monday, is aimed at “holding Rand Paul accountable as U.S. Senator and demonstrating how he’s used his position in elected office to gain inside information about a global pandemic.”

“Rand Paul’s abysmal record as a U.S. Senator has left Kentuckians in the dust, fending for themselves in the midst of a global public health pandemic and subsequent economic disadvantages,” said David Tandy, former Louisville Metro Council President. “Onward Kentucky will work to bring clarity to voters across the state and the country concerning Rand Paul’s extreme failures as a leader so that the people of Kentucky can elect new leadership.”

The PAC will not support a specific Democratic candidate in the 2022 election until a Democratic nominee is selected next year.

In addition to Tandy veteran political strategists including Jason Perkey, Jared Smith, Lauren Harper and Kimberly Reynolds launched the PAC.