N. Ky GOP House Incumbents Upset in Primary Races

Republican anti-incumbent challengers upset longtime Reps. Sal Santoro, Ed Massey, and Adam Koenig in their re-election primary races.

In the 60th House District, Marianne Proctor, a realtor and former speech pathologist, is defeated longtime incumbent Rep. Santoro, of Union. Proctor focused on being a political outsider frustrated with politics and taxation. Proctor finished with 1,955 votes to Santoro’s 1,824, according to unofficial stats from the State Board of Elections.

66th House District Rep. Ed Massey lost his primary race to “constitutional conservative” Steve Rawlings, an attorney and author, despite being heavily outspent in the race. Rawlings won with 2,695 votes to Massey’s 1,227.

69th House District : Erlanger city councilman Steven Doan of bested Chair Adam Koenig in their primary election by just 200 votes. Doan offered some of the most brutal campaign mailers of the season in this primary election. According to unofficial results, Doan finished with 1,369 to Koenig’s 1,179 votes.