Michael Bowman Announces Campaign for State Treasurer

Democrats now have a candidate in the race for state Treasurer, with the reemergence of their candidate from the 2019 elections.

Michael Bowman was the Democratic nominee in 2019 against the Treasurer Allison Ball. Bowman received more than 770,000 votes in the race garnering 39 percent of the vote.

Ball is term-limited and seeking a position as state Auditor, two Republicans – OJ Oleka and Andrew Cooperrider are seeking the GOP nomination.

“I’m running for Treasurer because it’s time we had a State Treasurer who doesn’t just rubber stamp bad policy, but instead focuses on accountability and transparency. I know that with the right kind of leaders, our best days are ahead of us,” Bowman said.

“We can have a state where our kids can live out their dreams right here at home. We can have a Kentucky that is safer, more prosperous, more equitable – a Commonwealth that is thriving and vibrant and filled with opportunity for all.”