McConnell Downplays Chances to Take Senate; Trump Attacks McConnell and Former Transportation Sec. Chao

U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell is signaling the GOP may not win the Senate this November, which has sparked the ire of former President Donald Trump.

“I think there’s probably a greater likelihood the House flips than the Senate,” McConnell said at a Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce luncheon last week. “Senate races are just different. They’re statewide.”

“Candidate quality has a lot to do with the outcome,” he added.

Many are viewing the remarks from McConnell as an underhanded rebuke of Trump, as Republican candidates in key races slide in polling.

Trump took to his social media platform to attack McConnell and his wife, Trump’s former Transportation Cabinet Secretary Elaine Chao.

“Why do Republicans Senators allow a broken down hack politician, Mitch McConnell to openly disparage hard working Republican candidates for the United States Senate,” Trump wrote. 

“This is such an affront to honor and to leadership. He should spend more time (and money!) helping them get elected, and less time helping his crazy wife and family get rich on China!”

McConnell has yet to respond to Trump. In the past, McConnell allies have vigorously defended Chao when faced with similar attacks.