Matt Bevin Watch: Will the Former Governor File to Run Again?

Just days remain to file for governor before the deadline will elapse, and the talk of Frankfort is whether or not former Gov. Matt Bevin will file to run this year.

Bevin has remained tight-lipped on his candidacy, but over the last year, he has made public appearances that have stoked the flames of the idea of a return.

In August, Bevin appeared at the Kentucky Farm Bureau Ham Breakfast, where he sidestepped questions from reporters. Bevin attended the event as a guest of former Rubicon CEO Nate Morris, who could become a major financial backer of a campaign. Morris formerly bundled for U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky.

Bevin also attended the Jefferson County Lincoln Day Dinner just days before the Ham Breakfast. Since that time, Bevin has popped up, but not at public-facing events. In August, Sen. President Robert Stivers, R-Manchester, pretended not to hear when told the former governor had attended the event, “pardon me,” he said, repeating several times as a reporter continued to repeat the statement.

Kentucky Fried Politics first reported that Bevin was weighing a run in 2021 when former supporters received phone calls. However, not everyone in Bevin’s former inner circle has heard from the former governor, leaving some to believe he is either not running – or he is going it alone.

There is a path to victory in the GOP primary if he runs, mainly due to the low turnout and numerous contenders in the race. Bevin would occupy rare space in the field if he runs, and the establishment candidates could split their votes.

A full analysis of his path was previously explored by KFP.

The deadline to file is Friday, January 6 at 4 pm.