Maddox Takes GOP Field to the Mat in Fancy Farm Speech

GOP primary candidate for governor and state Rep. Savannah Maddox went all out in her Fancy Farm speech against Republican rivals, even as they played it safe and stayed away from jabbing one another.

Fancy Farm organizers broke with tradition and included Maddox on the stage at the annual political speaking. They were rewarded with some of the heftiest punches of the day – and an endorsement announcement.

Just before being played off for running over on time, Maddox announced she had been endorsed by Congressman Thomas Massie.

“I am honored to announce that I have been endorsed by Congressman Thomas Massie,” Maddox said on Saturday. “Congressman Massie is a rock solid defender of the constitution.”

While she made news with the endorsement announcement, she also found time in her speech to call out her peers.

“Looking at the stage it’s clear to me that one of these things is not like the other. No, I’m not talking about the fact that I’m the only mom up here running for governor – who understands what Kentucky’s families are going through,” she said, turning to point at the GOP bench. “Look at these guys. They’re like the opposite of the Dos Equis beer guy. They’re the least interesting men in politics.”

Maddox singled out Daniel Cameron for skipping events.

“It’s great to see Daniel after not seeing him anywhere for the past two years,” Maddox said. “Especially, when he was in hideout mode during Andy Beshear’s lockdowns. Better late than never I suppose.”

She also took aim at Ryan Quarles for being a farmer with shiny boots and no mud on his truck. Maddox said he might grow money trees on his farm since he “did tweet he gave Beshear the idea to give back to work bonus at taxpayer expense.”

Quarles offered a shadow punch against Cameron in his opening remarks.

“Well friends, here we are again. Like a moth to a flame. Like Andy Beshear to giant checks. Like a Kentucky Attorney General to a governor’s race,” Quarles said, linking Cameron’s run after a single term in office.

Former Attorney General Andy Beshear ran for governor and won in 2019 after former Attorney General Jack Conway ran and lost in 2015.

Cameron stuck to campaign rhetoric in his speech. However, he did address being endorsed by Donald Trump.

“All I had to do was assure Trump that Mitch McConnell is not Mackenzie’s grandfather,” he said.

Cameron gestured in a bring it on motion to Booker’s crowd multiple times during his speech as they chanted “Breonna Taylor.”

Former Northern Kentucky lawyer and author Eric Deters was on hand at the event for part of the morning despite not being invited to speak. Even though he said he was switching and running as an independent, he has changed his mind and is staying in the GOP primary. Deters left the picnic before the speeches started.