Lt. Gov. Coleman Steps Down from Dual Cabinet Position to ‘Respond to a Booming Economy’

Gov. Andy Beshear, D-Kentucky, announced on Thursday Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman will step down in her role as dual cabinet secretary to help the administration realize the economic development opportunities taking place in Kentucky.

“We need more than one of me to make sure we realize every future game-changer,” Beshear said at a press conference on Thursday afternoon, referencing the recent decision by Ford to locate two electric vehicle battery production facilities in the state.

“We’re excited about everything that the Lt. Governor brings to the table,” he continued. “You’re going to be seeing much more of Lt. Governor Coleman.”

Coleman announced the administration’s desire to have her step down from her current role as the Education and Workforce Development Cabinet Secretary.

“There is so much work to be done in the Education and Workforce Development arena to support an economy that is on fire. While I am grateful for the opportunity to serve in a dual role in the administration, I know that seeing these commitments through requires a laser-like focus,” Coleman said in a pre-recorded video played at the press conference. (24:00) “So, today I am saying farewell to my position as Cabinet Secretary because I know it is in good hands.”

Deputy Cabinet Secretary Mary Pat Regan of Education and Workforce has assumed the role of acting cabinet secretary, Coleman said.

Coleman said her position remains Lt. Governor, “it will just look a little different as we respond to the demands of a booming economy.”

Calling the opportunity to lead the two cabinets, Coleman said was “the honor of a lifetime.”

The Republican Party of Kentucky quickly jumped on the news, releasing a “fact sheet” on Kentucky’s unemployment insurance scandal while Coleman was at the helm of the cabinet. The “highlights” include tens of thousands in unpaid unemployment claims and helping some cut the line for unemployment claims.

Lt. Gov. Coleman is a focal point of Gov. Andy Beshear’s massive scandal and failed time and time again to fix the problems they created – and Kentucky still suffers as a result,” the Republican Party said.