Louisville Civil Rights Leader Endorses Craig Greenberg for Mayor

Louisville Civil Rights icon Mattie Jones is endorsing Democratic Louisville Mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg ahead of the May 17 primary.

Jones, who was awarded the 2020 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Award, is urging voters to support Greenberg in the mayoral election.

“Craig Greenberg is the change that Louisville needs right now,” Jones said in a video of her endorsement.

“Take into consideration, that is not about the color of a person, it is about the soul of the person that wants to lead this city, and change Louisville from being known as a city of two tales…,” she continued in the video released by Greenberg’s campaign.


Greenberg said he was honored to have the support of Mattie Jones in the campaign.

“I am humbled and honored Mattie Jones has chosen to support our campaign for Mayor and appreciate her trust and confidence that we will work together to build a safer and more equitable community,” he said. “For decades, Mattie Jones has been an iconic leader in Louisville, building bridges and working tirelessly for a more just city. Thank you Mattie Jones for all you have done and for your support. I look forward to working with you to make Louisville a safer, stronger and healthier city.”

Jefferson Circuit Court Clerk David Nicholson, Shameka Parrish Wright, Tim Findley Jr., have all raised money for the Democratic primary.