Lexington Mayoral Candidate Adrian Wallace Was Evicted From Home Last Month

Updated April 27: Wallace is still in the rental home after being court ordered to pay back rent. He would have been removed from the property if he had not paid after the months of court wrangling.


Lexington candidate for mayor, Adrian Wallace faced a major setback at the end of March when he was evicted from his current home, and a review of his evictions shows this is not the first time.

Wallace, the former chairman for Kentucky NAACP, who lists his occupation as brand manager was evicted from his home on Jenna Rst, according to an order by the Fayette District Court signed on March 23, 2022. The documents were first obtained from the by Kentucky Fried Politics.

The owner of the property, Patriot Investments, a home rental LLC, filed a complaint against Wallace claiming they gave notice to pay rent or vacate the home on Jenna Rest on Jan. 4, 2022.

On March 9, 2022, Patriot Investments LLC sought a forcible detainer against Wallace.

Wallace was given seven days to vacate the property or pay months of back rent on March 23 after a judgement was issued in favor of Patriot Investments, according to documents filed in Fayette District Court.

This is not the first eviction on Wallace’s record, a search in Fayette Circuit Court brought up 11 other instances of attempted eviction for late payments.

Wallace declared his candidacy for Lexington Mayor in January, which controls a budget of more than $450 million. Incumbent Mayor Linda Gorton is seeking re-election. 6th Dist Lexington Councilman David Kloiber and William Weyman are also seeking the post.