KY State Board of Elections Names New Executive Director

The Kentucky State Board of Elections named a new executive director on Tuesday to replace Jared Dearing who had served in the role since Nov. 2017.

The Board voted to replace Dearing with Karen Sellers who had served as the assistant executive director under Dearing. Sellers served as a healthcare executive for 21 years at Highlands Health System in eastern Kentucky before joining state government under the Bevin administration as a Deputy Commissioner in the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control.

The board of elections also voted to name Richard House the position of assistant director. House has served with the Daviess County Clerk’s Office for the past 25 years where he serves as the chief deputy clerk.

The State Board of Elections consists of the Secretary of State Michael G. Adams, who serves as the chief election official, and eight members appointed by the Governor from lists supplied by the two political parties in the Commonwealth and the Kentucky County Clerks Association.

Democratic MembersRepublican Members
​Ben Chandler
Term expires: 9/15/2022
​DeAnna Brangers
Term expires: 4/1/2024

Sherry Whitehouse
Term expires: 9/15/2022

Cory Skolnick
Term expires: 9/15/2022

Jerry D. Johnson
Term expires: 4/1/2024

Lynn Lane
Term expires: 3/19/2023
Dwight Sears
Term expires: 9/15/2022

James Lewis
Term Expires: 3/19/2023