KY Hospital Assoc. Forms Federal PAC

The Kentucky Hospital Association (KHA) formed a new federal political action committee at the end of February as a way to take their issues directly to Kentucky’s Congressman.

The trade association tells Kentucky Fried Politics they formed the PAC to separate their federal donations from the American Health Association PAC (AHAPAC) which they previously used for federal donations.

“We’re looking to have our own [PAC] for federal donations, so that we can control any kind of political donations so that any contributions are made through us, instead of handing it over to a different organization,” said KHA Communications Senior Director Ginger Dreyer.

The Kentucky Hospital Association Political Action Committee was formed on February 22, 2022, and Dreyer said they want to ensure that the donations made at the federal level are generally spent on Kentucky lawmakers and not other members of Congress. Kentucky has six members in the U.S. House of Representatives and two United States Senators.

The KHA has a stateside PAC the “Kentucky Hospitals’ Circle of Friends” which supports candidates in Kentucky’s elections. Hospital PACs are limited to soliciting contributions from hospital leadership and trustees. KHA and the American Hospital Association can only accept contributions from people associated with their members. Neither PAC can accept corporate contributions. 

The Kentucky Hospital Association is a trade organization that represents hospitals, related health care organizations, and integrated health care systems in Kentucky.