KY Democrats Target Daniel Cameron for Hiring Lawyers Who Worked on Controversial Pardons

The Kentucky Democratic Party has been on the offensive this week targeting several Republicans including GOP primary candidate Daniel Cameron.

In a series of tweets, the state Democratic Party has been tying Cameron, the state Attorney General, to Gov. Matt Bevin’s controversial pardons that included a murderer and rapist.

“As KY’s top law enforcement officer, Attorney General Cameron was elected to put killers and rapists behind bars. Instead, he hired the Bevin cronies who set them loose,” the KDP said in a tweet. “How can we trust Cameron to be governor when he failed at the one job he was elected to do: keeping you safe?”

When Cameron took office as Attorney General in 2019, he hired former Bevin advisers and lawyers Chad Meredith, Steve Pitt, Matt Kuhn, and Barry Dunn. The Democratic Party says Cameron created a new job for Chad Meredith days after documents show he and others helped Matt Bevin pardon a murderer whose family had raised money for Bevin’s campaign.

“Cameron knew. And he hired Meredith anyway,” the KDP said online. The Democratic Party included a video of Cameron saying the best piece of advice he’s gotten in his new role is to “hire good people.”

“Hire good people that reflect your values,” Cameron said to a reporter at the time.

Cameron, who has been endorsed by Donald Trump, has struggled so far in the GOP primary to raise money for the campaign for the GOP nomination. Current Gov. Andy Beshear, D-Kentucky, will seek re-election next year.