KY Chamber Endorsed GOP Challenger to Rep. Savannah Maddox

Earlier this month the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee issued their endorsements for the May 17 primary elections, and one incumbent is noticeably missing from their list, Rep. Savannah Maddox.

In the 61st District House GOP primary the Chamber made the bold move to oppose the incumbent Representative in the primary election and endorse her opponent Jarrod Lykins.

In their endorsement announcement, the Kentucky Chamber said the candidates they’re backing “have demonstrated their dedication to making Kentucky more competitive, which will lead to job growth, economic development, and a higher quality of life for the citizens of their districts and the Commonwealth.”

The chamber looked at the candidate’s understanding of business issues, past voting records, and answers to the Kentucky Chamber PAC’s 2022 legislative candidate survey.

Maddox has a reputation as being an occasional poison pill behind the scenes in the Republican caucus.

She has raised nearly $83,000 for her re-election contest. Lykins raised $4,300 for the election, according to his 15-day pre-primary report.

Lykins is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran with three combat deployments to Afghanistan. He has a graduate degree in International Relations and Diplomacy with a specialization in International Economic Development and International Security.

Maddox is considering a run for governor in the 2023 Republican primary.