KFP’s Reach Will Soon Grow Into Pennsylvania with ‘Political Penn’

As Kentucky Fried Politics turns one I’m pleased to announce the KFP news model will soon be expanding into one of the nation’s hottest political markets.

In the coming weeks “Political Penn,” an independent news website, will appear live online to help keep those in the Keystone State informed on the latest in-depth political & election news and gossip.

The addition of Political Penn to the Kentucky Fried Politics / American Media USA family is exciting news and just the start of a vision I have as we grow in Kentucky and now around the nation. There will be other sites added this year, and continued growth, improvements, and tweaks to Kentucky Fried Politics to continue to serve our faithful readers and followers.

This calendar year, Kentucky Fried Politics has opened the KFP shop and we will soon unveil a re-boot of the KFP podcast. I’ll continue to write and be deeply involved in daily stories on Kentucky Fried Politics, and be involved in the Political Penn news site as we seek to inform readers on one of the nastiest U.S. Senate races in recent memory.

My inbox is always open for suggestions, feedback, and any way we can improve your experience and grow as a company. Your subscriptions to KFP all go back into the cost of running this site and will continue to go back into KFP as we continue to expand our footprint in Kentucky.

What happens politically outside of Washington DC is vitally important to our Democracy. Thank you for staying informed with us.

  • Nick Storm