KFP 4-Pack: Special Session This Week? Threat to Democracy Top Issue in New Poll

‘Threats to Democracy’ Overtake ‘Cost of Living’ as Voters’ Top Issue: Poll

For the first time in recent months, registered voters in the U.S. say that the top issue on their minds is the threat facing democracy, according to a poll from NBC released Sunday. Previous NBC polls in March and May showed that the top issue on the minds of those surveyed was cost of living. NEWSWEEK

‘Politics stop at the water’s edge’: Kentucky politicians head toward special session after flooding

…Thayer explained that the goal is to hold the session this Wednesday through Friday, but it could be pushed back to next week because some lawmakers want to tackle more than just flood relief. LEX18

Meet the GOP’s future king of Biden investigations

Don’t know the name James Comer? Prepare to hear it a lot more if the GOP flips the House in November. Politico

McConnell says ‘democracy is solid’ in the US as he predicts close midterm elections

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told an audience in Kentucky on Monday that he believes democracy in the United States is on solid ground and said he expects the outcome of the upcoming midterm elections “to be very, very close either way” in the Senate. CNN