KFP 4 Pack: Craft Wants to Dismantle KY Department of Education

Republican gubernatorial hopeful and former UN Ambassador Kelly Craft has found herself back in the headlines, this week it’s an undercover recording of the candidate saying she would like to dismantle the Kentucky Department of Education.

American Bridge 21st Century provided the recording of Craft at one of her rallies to Kentucky reporters, according to the Courier Journal.

“I will tell you that one of the very first pieces of action as governor, the Kentucky Department of Education will be dismantled,” Craft said, in a leaked audio recording that was later confirmed by her campaign.

Craft plans to turn to the Kentucky legislature to revamp the board of education if elected.

KY Senate GOP Launch Website

Republicans in the Kentucky Senate have launched a website where their constituents and media can learn more about the 30 members of the upper body.

“We are excited about the launch of our majority caucus website,” said Senate President Robert Stivers, R-Manchester. “With a record-high number of members in the caucus, it’s great to showcase each as the individual they are. We are pleased to provide our constituents with a one-stop shop where they can access constituent resources, details on their respective senator, and press releases from our office.”

Governor’s Office Violated Open Records Act, According to AG’s Office

The Office of the Governor violated the Kentucky Open Records Act when it “denied a request for correspondence between or among 13 named individuals “mentioning or related to” a named individual, where the requester clarified that he only sought messages containing a specific search term,” according to an opinion of Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

Republican Party of Kentucky spokesperson Sean Southard was requesting correspondence, including emails and text messages on personal devices, between” the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor “related to unemployment claims or the Office of Unemployment [Insurance] from December 10, 2019, to March 1, 2022.” Southard also requested the same types of communications between 13 named individuals and the former Executive Director of the Office of Unemployment Insurance during two specific date ranges. Finally, the Appellant requested the same types of communications “between or among” the same 13 individuals “related to or mentioning” the former Executive Director.

The Attorney General’s Office found that the Office of the Governor did not violate the Open Records Act when it redacted communications that were purely personal under KRS 61.878(1)(r). 

KDP Wants to know where GOP Gubernatorial Candidates stand on Gov. Bevin’s Pardons

The Kentucky Democratic Party calls on the 12 Republicans seeking the GOP nomination to answer where they stand on former Gov. Matt Bevin’s controversial pardons.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported last week that another person pardoned by Bevin has been sentenced to five years in prison for strangulation and assault.

The Kentucky Democratic Party is now posing a list of questions each Republican candidate for governor needs to answer on Matt Bevin’s pardons:

1) Does the candidate denounce the Bevin pardons? 
2) Did the candidate lobby the Bevin administration or in any other way ask for a pardon on someone’s behalf? If so, is this person or a member of their immediate family a donor to the campaign? 
3) Would the candidate accept or denounce Matt Bevin’s endorsement?

“These candidates stood with Matt Bevin when he was governor and have had years to denounce these reckless pardons that have put Kentucky’s communities in danger,” said Kentucky Democratic Party Chair Colmon Elridge. “Instead, they’re quiet every time we hear that another person pardoned by Governor Bevin has been convicted of a new dangerous crime. They can’t talk tough on crime when they can’t stand up to Matt Bevin and his dangerous use of pardons — a power they’d have if elected governor and a power they don’t deserve if they can’t be straight with the people of Kentucky. Do these candidates want to continue to stand with Matt Bevin or stand up for the safety of Kentucky communities? Will they prioritize politics or public safety? Anything short of being completely straight with the people of Kentucky is both disqualifying and another example of just how extreme and out of touch the GOP has become.”