KFP 4 Pack: Beshear Under Fire for Donations; Journalist Harassed, & More

Gov. Andy Beshear, D-Kentucky, is under fire as veteran journalist Tom Loftus reported hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to Beshear’s campaign, and to the Kentucky Democratic Party this week.

In his report for the Kentucky Lantern, Loftus says London, Kentucky, Mayor Randall Weddle, a Republican, donated $202,000 over the maximum allowed amount via his credit card to Beshear’s campaign and the state Democratic Party.

The money was being returned to Weddle’s card, according to the report.

Republicans were quick to bash Beshear, calling the donations “one of the biggest campaign finance scandals in state history.”

“Andy Beshear and the Democrats only returned this money after getting caught in a pay-to-play scandal,” RPK spokesman Sean Southard said. “This is the latest example in a long pattern of Andy and his family getting caught with corrupt campaign contributions or selling off government to the highest bidder. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a governor who doesn’t have to constantly play catch up with ethics and state law?”

Reporter Harrassed After Beshear Fact Check

A Courier-Journal reporter says she was relentlessly attacked online after fact-checking Gov. Beshear’s unemployment numbers.

The Lexington Times reported on a series of tweets from Courier Journal reporter Olivia Krauth.

Tough as Shell?

Republican candidate for Agriculture Commissioner Jonathan Shell has new merch out promoting his candidacy – teasing out his last name with a play on words.

The former Kentucky House Floor Leader and 2020 McConnell Campaign state director, released “tough as shell,” gear via his campaign site. The slogan is a play on the idiom “hard as hell,” which uses hell as an intensifier.

The phrase itself had the internet in a tizzy several years ago as a debate was raised over the usage of “hard as hell” versus “hard as hail,” basically they mean about the same thing in the context of painful or difficult.

However, Shell’s merch brings a new twist to the wordplay, modifying “hard” to “tough” and “hell” or “hail” depending on your geography to Shell. He likely means he, Jonathan Shell, is tough as hell, or he the candidate, is as tough as an animal shell or seashell. However, there’s a world of difference between an eggshell and some of the toughest shells in the world.

Of course, that’s a lot of overthinking for a shirt, but what the hell, you’ve made it to the bottom quarter of the story. You’re the winner here.

Shell faces Democratic candidate Sierra Enlow.

SOS Dem Candidate Buddy Wheatley on the Trail

Former Northern Kentucky Representative Buddy Wheatley hit the campaign trail for three days last week in an effort to unseat incumbent Republican Secretary of State, Michael Adams.

Wheatley toured Lexington, Bowling Green, New Castle, and Louisville, according to his campaign. The candidate spent most of his time meeting with Democrats in those locations and introducing himself to voters.