Kelly Craft Spent Day After Election Calling GOP Winners and Losers

The day after Republicans added to their supermajorities in the Kentucky state House and Senate the former United Nations Ambassador sat down and started dialing.

Republican candidate for governor Kelly Craft, President Donald Trump’s former Ambassador to the United Nations and Canada, dialed and dialed and dialed, according to a source and later confirmed by Craft’s campaign manager.

Craft spent an entire day, eight hours, calling both Republican winners and losers in an effort to support Republican candidates in Kentucky.

“I think it’s important to the ambassador to support Republican candidates up and down the ballot – offering words of encouragement to those that won, and even to those who didn’t win – encouraging them to stay in the fight,”said Craft’s campaign manager Jonathan Ewing.

Ewing said Craft did not have any other motive than to support other Republicans, congratulate those that won and encourage those who lost.

As the 2022 election cycle comes to a close, Craft and at least five other top tier Republicans begin to transition into the fight for the Republican nomination to take on Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear. Craft’s team has been introducing her to Kentucky GOP voters and creating a narrative that includes her as the conservative choice.