Kelly Craft Flip Flops on Gov. Beshear’s Handling of COVID

Before bashing Andy Beshear for his handling of COIVD, Kelly Craft lauded Kentucky’s governor and even brought a United Nations delegation to meet him. 

Former UN Ambassador Craft has confirmed to news outlets that she is seriously considering a run for governor in 2023, and in doing so she has joined other Republicans in bashing Gov. Beshear for his handling of COVID. 

At a recent pre-Fancy Farm dinner, Craft found the GOP hymnal and joined in attacking Beshear.

“I am alarmed of the politician that is currently in Frankfort,” Craft said. “Under the cover of this pandemic, they have been shrinking our freedoms and assuming a greater and greater control over our daily lives.”

Just a year before and Craft had a different tune in mind. 

In a television interview with WKYT’s Bill Bryant in April of 2020, while serving as UN Ambassador, Craft applauded the work of President Trump and Kentucky’s Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear.

“I also want to compliment our governor Andy Beshear and how he has taken this very early on in all of the precautionary measures, and that has really mitigated the issue,” Craft told Bryant via a Zoom interview. “No, I can’t imagine a time like this but I’m really happy serving under this administration and being a Kentuckian and serving with Andy Beshear.”

Before the pandemic, Craft and her multimillionaire husband Joe Craft appeared with Beshear in late 2019, after Craft brought the United Nations Security Council to Kentucky. 

People and attitudes can change, but when one has something to gain from that change it’s fair to challenge the motives. Craft clearly is laying out a path to the Governor’s Mansion. It’s her right to participate in the system, and level attacks, but when at the heart of a pandemic she was lauding the governor, and now that she’s running a shadow campaign and attacking him one has to ask what has changed?

Which one does she believe – that Beshear did a great job, or that he went too far in enacting protection measures?