Kelly Craft Calls on Gov. Beshear to Cancel Tik Tok

A GOP candidate for governor is causing a social media skirmish as she has chosen a stand against video sharing app TIk Tok to show leadership compared to Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear.

President Trump’s former United Nations Ambassador Kelly Craft has taken to Twitter to tell Gov. Andy Beshear to get the Kentucky government off of Tik Tok.

In a series of Tweets, Craft, who is expected to dump millions of personal wealth into the GOP gubernatorial primary, says she knows the danger of the app used by teens to share dance videos.

“Having been sanctioned by the Communist Chinese Party, I know firsthand the danger that they present to our nation and to Kentuckians,” Craft said. “It is clear from our national intelligence agencies that TikTok represents a national security threat from Communist China.”

@GovAndyBeshear must show leadership and act immediately to ban TikTok on all state-owned devices,” she continued.

In September, FBI Director Christopher Wray said he was “extremely concerned” that the Chinese government could use data collected from TikTok against the United States. Several Republican lawmakers have called for a national ban on Tik Tok.

Craft was one of nearly 30 Trump administration officials to draw sanctions from the Chinese as President Biden entered office. Trump’s administration was “unusually confrontational,” with China, said NPR.

The sanctions prohibit those individuals and their immediate family members from entering mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macao, according to NPR. They are also restricted from doing business with China, which could pose a financial hit to Craft’s husband Joe’s Alliance Coal business.

A dozen Republicans including Craft, have declared their intent to run for the Republican nomination for governor of Kentucky.