Is Kelly Craft’s Gubernatorial Campaign Plan the Worst Kept Secret in KY Politics?

If you have not heard yet, Donald Trump’s former United Nations Ambassador Kelly Craft is going to announce a campaign for governor in the coming months, according to multiple sources.

According to at least three sources, Craft will be announcing her candidacy for the GOP nomination for governor after Labor Day. That announcement date falls after the Fancy Farm Picnic on Aug. 6.

Fancy Farm organizers only allow declared candidates for local and statewide races in the current election year to speak from the stage, as well as sitting constitutional officers, U.S. Senators, and their local Congressman and state representatives.

Craft, who is married to billionaire coal magnate Joe Craft, is planning on raising $500,000 for the campaign and matching that amount from her own pocket, according to the sources. She will then bring on board Axiom Strategies, who ran Glenn Youngkin’s campaign strategy for governor in Virginia, as Kentucky Fried Politics first reported in February.

Her millions could substantially shift the race for governor and drive up the cost to compete. Currently, Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles, Attorney General Daniel Cameron, Auditor Mike Harmon, and state Rep. Savannah Maddox are all vying for the nomination. Somerset Mayor Alan Keck is also still eyeing the race, though he is on the ballot this year for a second term as mayor.