Increase in KY Voter Registration Continues

For the third straight month there have been more voters added to the rolls than removed, the Kentucky Secretary of State’s Office announced on Wednesday.

“Kentucky continues to see a bump in voter registration,” Secretary of State Mike Adams said. “After a sleepy primary election, I hope this indicates voter interest in the General Election.”

From May 18 – when the rolls reopened for registration following the May 17 primary election – through May 31, there were 8,617 new voters registered while 4,420 were removed. The Secretary of State’s Office removed 3,996 deceased voters, 192 who moved out of state, 163 voters convicted of felonies, 60 adjudged incompetent, and 9 who voluntarily de-registered.

Democratic registrants account for 45.2 percent of the electorate, with 1,612,323 voters. Democratic registration declined by 5,738, a 0.36 percent decrease. Republican registration accounts for 45.1 percent of the electorate, with 1,608,203 voters. Republican registration increased by 8,897, a 0.56 percent increase.

There are 344,024 voters registered under other political affiliations, including Independent, making up 9.7 percent of the electorate. Registration in this category increased by 1,038, or 0.30 percent.